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Word of Link Marketing: Link forward!

10 Oct

While both Justilien and the SEM INC blog already covered the eMarketer research about the Word of Mouth Marketing effects worldwide excellently, there’s still one point I’d like to mention about this subject. What if the top SERPs for “Your Company” look a bit like this: If you spot a positive consumer opinion, a review […]

6 links that look like paid ones (but really aren’t)

9 Oct

Like SugarRae pointed out a few weeks ago, it’s quite difficult for Google to find out which link is paid and which one isn’t. If you look at SugarRae’s post from the other perspective (like Google is doing with their current approach), it seems like you have to clarify which links aren’t paid in order […]

There is no penalty for buying links!

7 Oct

There, I said it. That’s what I believe is true; there is no such thing as a ‘you have been buying links so you should suffer’ penalty. At least, not if you do it correctly. I’ll make some statements about buying links that probably not everybody will agree on, but this is what I consider […]

Why buying links is similar to covert advertising

30 Sep

Covert advertising is a form of advertising in movies or tv-shows that doesn’t need disclosure during or near the product placement, but works under the premise that it’s a natural part of the work. Mentioning the advertiser in the credits is advisable, but not mandatory. This makes Covert Advertising -if done correctly- quite hard to […]

Click here; analyzing a natural link profile

21 Sep

After I read Joost de Valk‘s SEO minded reply to the post about To click here or not to click here from, I just had to try and see if I could come up with a good example about anchor text differentiation. While this focus isn’t on the same point as the original post […]

How to use Google AdWords to find new links

16 Sep

In the process of finding links and determining which links are actually valuable, Google can play a bigger role than you’d expect. Google can tell you exactly which website is of high quality, is relevant to your website, attracts lots of visitors or can provide lots of conversions. Google can even provide information about the […]

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