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Link Building this Year

30 Dec

Unlike previous years, I did not have as much time for blogging in 2010 as I had hoped I would have. Although I did publish a few articles that I think deserve a mention, you can find the best link building articles of the year on other blogs. These articles are my personal favorites of […]

Link Building this Month (10.2010)

1 Nov

The conference season has officially started. People are talking about SEO, SMM and more marketing abbreviations in nearly any medium to large-sized city in the world, which means that these people probably have less time to blog this month. I didn’t come across a whole lot of excellent articles (maybe I was too busy enjoying […]

Link Building this Month (09.2010)

4 Oct

Although quite some verticals are still being dominated by link buyers with very deep pockets and (usually way too many) anchor text optimized links, it’s good to see and hear about more and more companies choosing for a more creative approach. And I don’t mean creative in finding new ways to buy links, but creative […]

Link Building this Month (08.2010)

1 Sep

SEO seems to have a questionable reputation, unfortunately, which is comparable to the reputation of car salesmen and lawyers. I’m sure that, like in any other industry, over 80% of the people working in it has the best intentions, but it’s tactics like this and threads like this that give both the 80% and the […]

Link Building this Month (07.2010)

2 Aug

We’re only halfway during the summer, but I think that this years winner of the SEMMYs is already decided. Rae Hoffman collected the thoughts of 11 great link builders (just like she did two years ago)  and compiled something that I would call link building awesomeness. That’s about 100 years of link building experience in […]

Link Building this Month (06.2010)

5 Jul

“Link building is becoming more difficult lately. People don’t link out anymore and Twitter is polluting the link graph. Oh, and Google isn’t treating my links they way they should.” This seems to be the consensus on various blogs, forums and even Twitter, but I can’t say I agree with it. Actually, I even think […]

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