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Link Building this week (Oct. 5)

5 Oct

I noticed two subjects got a lot of attention during the past few days. One of them is the good old paid link discussion that has been going on since, well, since like forever. Aaron Wall explains How You Can Rent a Million Links and Stay Under the Radar and even Forbes (out of all […]

Link Building this week (Sept. 28)

28 Sep

The paid link debate is a discussion that probably will never end. And certainly not if you keep reading stuff like Rae Hoffman’s excellent post about how difficult it is for Google to determine which link is a paid one and which one isn’t. Jim Boykin explains why it’s unlikely that you get penalized for […]

Link Building this week (Sept. 21)

21 Sep

Alexandru made a list of 15 Link Building methods and explains how to get the most out of each of them. Although he doesn’t mention shocking or new stuff, this post is a great read because of the indications for difficulty, time and quality. I have used the same method of explanation in advice documents […]

Link Building this week (09-14)

14 Sep

Loren Baker discovered some nasty Link Building tactics from HitcounterMaster for By adding an invisible link to their widely spread hit counter, HitcounterMaster managed to get iDealPaydayLoans ranked first for Payday Loans. How about that. We’ve seen companies getting ranked with unintentional link bombs, other companies rank high because they’re too much of an […]

Link Building this week

7 Sep

It looks like the last few weeks were all about Link Builders. Justilien wrote about How to Train Link Developers to become Marketing Gurus as a follow up on his post with 7 Link Builder Training Tips. Debra Mastaler’s contribution to the Link Week section of SEL was Link Builder related as well, she talked […]

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