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Link Building this Week (Nov. 17)

17 Nov

Last week, several lists with link building techniques popped up, with a total of over 200 tips. Make sure to check out (in no particular order) these 114 tips, 12 tactics for 2008, 10 ways to build free links (and 10 more), 100+ link strategies and 17 creative ideas. And also: The Linkbait debate: is […]

Link Building this Week (Nov. 9)

9 Nov

It’s quite interesting to see that almost every week, unintentionally, at least a few posts about link building basically discuss the same subject or are related in some way. This week’s “theme” is about preparing a link building campaign and preparing your website for this campaign as well. Kelvin Newman writes about the fact that […]

Link Building this Week (Nov. 2)

2 Nov

On of the best posts I read in quite a while is SearchEnginePeople’s post about Offline Links. In stead of submitting your website to a directory, you can now stick your website to a lamp post, put it on your business card or print your deeplink in a magazine. Endless possibilities. Technology like this makes […]

Link Building this Week (Oct. 26)

26 Oct

There were several great posts about linkbait this week. Eric Lander explained How to build a solid linkbait in three easy steps and Patrick Winfield added step four; Using images in a linkbait is important as well. Lisa Barone explains why link bait should mature. “What do you call grown up link bait? You call […]

Link Building this Week (Oct. 19)

19 Oct

Compared to last week, this week was a pretty quiet week, Link Building wise. I guess the SMX (where Linkbait got covered a lot) has something to do with it. Patrick Altoft got all linky this week, by writing about Linkbait (as well) and by showing a link policy that looks like it’s from 1999. […]

Link Building this Week (Oct. 12)

12 Oct

Althought the paid link discussion was hot this week, I’m not going to link to more than one post about this subject; there’s nothing I want to add to SEL’s paidlink round-up. Eric Lander did a great post about The Necessary Evolution of Linkbait. When even Sphinn members say they’re getting tired of some linkbait […]

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