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Link Building this Week (07.2008)

17 Feb

In a lot of online marketing strategies, link marketing is one of the smaller posts. Stuff like PPC and Banner ads usually takes most of every online marketing budget. If you take a look at Marketing Sherpa’s Annual Ad:tech Survey, you’ll see that this shouldn’t be the case. Link building is, like LinkWorth states, one […]

Link Building this Week (06.2008)

8 Feb

A great post I came across last week was Neyne’s post about unconventional link attributes. He discusses the temporal element of link value and illustrates this with the results of an experiment he performed. Although it’s (like Neyne states as well) not a sterile experimenting environment, the graphs are pretty interesting to see. Another great […]

Link Building this Week (05.2008)

1 Feb

One of the best link development related posts I’ve read in a very long time is (Sugar)Rae Hoffman’s Mass Interview with 11 Link Professionals. Like Rae mentions, it’s a great collection of opinions on link development and as a result, the organic search engine optimization landscape as a whole. If you don’t have time to […]

Link Building this Week (04.2008)

25 Jan

Jim Boykin has been digging up some Google and/ or Matt Cutts quotes to outline what Google’s stance is in the paid link discussion. Not only does his post show that Reviewed and Not Guaranteed is the red line here, but he also unleashed a discussion at his own blog and at Sphinn. Gab Goldenberg […]

Link Building this Week (03.2008)

18 Jan

There was a lot of discussion about the good old paid link topic last week. Patrick Altoft opened with some examples showing that paid links still work (which was later backed up by Brian Combs), before unleashing a discussion about whether to report paid links or not. Turned out that 83% (including me) don’t report […]

Link Building this Week (02.2008)

11 Jan

During the past week, I came across two outstanding posts. The first one is XMCP’s Guide to effective link building, which contains a lot of useful tips to consider while working on your link marketing strategy. Another great post was Justilien‘s column at SearchEngineWatch, named The top 5 SEO and Link Building Challenges for 2008. […]

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