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Recapped: Google’s Link Week

12 Oct

Google’s Maihle Ohye surprised the staying-at-home-from-SMX-East-‘ers earlier this week (in a good way) by announcing a series on links on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. She started with discussing internal link architecture, followed by outbound links and last but not least a post about inbound links. It’s good to see a few detailed posts […]

The Don’t-Push-It Penalty

9 Jul

When I was playing around with my (referer) statistics a bit, I noticed that something strange was going on. After a little bit of digging, I noticed some new sort of penalty or filter. It’s not a minus 950 penalty or something like that, but more like a Till-Here-And-No-Further penalty. Earlier this year, received […]

What’s Going On with Google Cache?

7 Jul

It seems like Google’s testing out some stuff with the setup of their cached pages. Below are two screen shots of the cached page of The first one is the “original” one, which was reached by clicking on the “cached” link of the top result at When trying to see the cached version […]