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The Day All Large Companies “Got It”

10 Nov

Everybody who works for an SEM agency, has worked for one in the past, or just visits Fortune 500 company websites from time to time, has probably had this thought at least once or twice; “If only they got it…”. Some websites have much potential, but almost seem to refuse it. Although topping the SERPs […]

Big Company Internet Marketing: Why Being Small Can Be Better

28 Feb

I came across Joe Pulizzi’s blog post about Why it’s bad to be a big company (and the marketing opportunities that arise for small companies) the other day and think it’s a great subject. Especially at this time, when internet marketing still hasn’t found its way in some of the world’s major companies’ marketing strategies, […]

How to build links for crappy websites

11 Jan

Warning notice: while this post is easy to digest, it also contains a lot of crap. I’m sure almost every search marketer has been in the situation of thinking “so how am I going to tell this friend/ prospect/ client that his website is crap in a polite way?” in at least more than one […]