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How to find non-linking brand mentions

20 Sep

Earlier this week, Jason Acidre wrote a post with several good link building tips at Moz. I left a comment about link reclamation, but because I received a few questions about it on Twitter and via email, I decided to write a blog post about this topic: how to find non-linking brand mentions. First: find […]

Need Local Links? Use the Local Keyword Tool

3 Aug

A few weeks ago, Aaron Wall and Geordie Carswell launched a new PPC Training and Community Forum. This is an excellent place to learn about PPC for both newbies (like me) and experienced paid search marketers. With 50 (!) training modules, a very helpful and knowledgeable community and 11 very useful PPC tools, PPC Blog’s […]

The Link Builder’s Guide to Conducting a Linkability Audit: It’s YOU, Not THEM!

27 Apr

This is the very first guest post on, and it’s definitely an awesome one. Garrett French, co-founder of Ontolo, Inc., was so kind to write an article about how to conduct a linkability audit. A URL’s linkability primarily exists in comparison to its competing URLs – those URLs with a demonstrated ability to rank. […]

Creating Resource Lists for an Improved User Experience, Content Ideas and Links

8 Feb

Great content is the solid foundation of a good website, a positive user experience and (hopefully) some nice incoming links. This, in turn, usually leads to good rankings, a continuous stream of traffic, conversions, and -eventually- a fat bank account. Easy, right? Well, what if you can’t come up with new ideas for good content? […]

More Link Building Tool Goodness

21 Jan

About a year ago, I made a selection of a few (in my opinion) indispensable link building tools. Except from a Majestic SEO redesign and some changes to the Link Diagnosis tool, I haven’t seen any big changes in the field of link building tools since then. Well, until this month… Here’s three great new […]

Easy Links: Send A Thank You Note

12 Nov

Just recently, I used crowdSPRING‘s creative community for designing the logo of a new project website. The process went according plan; there were a few good entries and I picked a winning logo. Quickly after that, I received the files I requested, and as soon as I left the designer a positive rating (in other […]

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