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How to Create World Link Maps With Majestic SEO & Google Spreadsheets

4 Jun

Managers love visuals. Nice charts, infographics or pivot tables make excellent excuses for not having to actually *read* those long reports or documents. And since link building reports tend to be packed with data, they love to see something visually appealing every few pages to give their eyes some rest. A possible chart that could […]

Link Building this Month (05.2010)

3 Jun

Newspapers are asked to remove links, natural links become a rarity, and more and more webmasters become link-greedy; the link graph is breaking down. In other words: link building seems to become more difficult. Sure, there are still many relatively easy ways to get links to your SMB website, or to build links to local […]

10 Link Building Tools Reviewed

17 May

I have written about useful link building tools here in more than one occasion, but I still get questions about which tools to use (or not) quite regularly. This made me decide to write reviews of the most useful and/ or well-known link building tools available on the market. The first set of reviews includes […]

Link Building is All About Answering One Question

12 May

When it comes to link building, people tend to overestimate and over-analyze the entire process. Although the dozens of link building tools out there definitely can be useful, and many advanced factors can come into play, the essence of link building all comes down to answering one single question; Why? Image via Jody Miller Yes, […]

Link Building this Month (04.2010)

4 May

Using the right link building tools can make link building so much easier. And I don’t necessarily mean the tools that most people have already heard of, but it’s the smaller, lesser-known tools that can make a difference. Luckily, Debra has shared another bunch of non-standard, outside of the box link building tools, which you […]

Link Building for Image Rich Websites

8 Apr

Link building can be relatively easy or pretty difficult, depending on the industry, the type of website and the content. One type of website I have always felt is quite easy to promote, is an image rich website. Images tell stories, images trigger emotions and images are usually non-commercial, which means they have everything a […]

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