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5 Reasons Why I Won’t Link to Your Website

16 Aug

When I’m in the middle of creating a new website or an in-depth blog article, one of things I usually do is making a list of which websites to link out to. Sometimes, visitors may find a resource page, a list with links to other relevant websites or a few in-content links very interesting. And […]

Link Building: It’s All In the Details

10 Aug

When it comes to link building (but with most other things as well) most people try to find shortcuts. They look for ‘secrets’, smart things that can get them to rank very quickly, preferably without any effort. Unfortunately, I have to say that there are no link building secrets, shortcuts or quick tricks. Well, except […]

Need Local Links? Use the Local Keyword Tool

3 Aug

A few weeks ago, Aaron Wall and Geordie Carswell launched a new PPC Training and Community Forum. This is an excellent place to learn about PPC for both newbies (like me) and experienced paid search marketers. With 50 (!) training modules, a very helpful and knowledgeable community and 11 very useful PPC tools, PPC Blog’s […]

Link Building this Month (07.2010)

2 Aug

We’re only halfway during the summer, but I think that this years winner of the SEMMYs is already decided. Rae Hoffman collected the thoughts of 11 great link builders (just like she did two years ago)  and compiled something that I would call link building awesomeness. That’s about 100 years of link building experience in […]

Link Building: Just Another Popularity Game

13 Jul

You can come up with all the explanations you want, but link building basically is nothing more but a popularity game. (click to enlarge) Infographic by, which is the Dutch company I run together with Martijn.

Link Building this Month (06.2010)

5 Jul

“Link building is becoming more difficult lately. People don’t link out anymore and Twitter is polluting the link graph. Oh, and Google isn’t treating my links they way they should.” This seems to be the consensus on various blogs, forums and even Twitter, but I can’t say I agree with it. Actually, I even think […]

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