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What Exactly is a Paid Link?

5 Feb

Well, Google says it’s up to Aaron Wall to decide…

Google’s Line is Just Too Thin

4 Feb

Last month, Jim Boykin wrote a great post about where he tries to determine where Google draws the paid links line. In the discussion at Sphinn, even Matt Cutts joined in to leave a comment, but he also wasn’t able to make the line clear. Well, after seeing something like this, it’s getting more and […]

Rounding Up the Recaps

3 Feb

Are you afraid to miss that breaking news post or interesting discussion, but you don’t have the time to keep up with all the 246 feeds in your RSS reader? Don’t sign up for that Time Management training just yet, but try to follow everything through roundups in stead. There are lots of regular search […]

Link Building this Week (05.2008)

1 Feb

One of the best link development related posts I’ve read in a very long time is (Sugar)Rae Hoffman’s Mass Interview with 11 Link Professionals. Like Rae mentions, it’s a great collection of opinions on link development and as a result, the organic search engine optimization landscape as a whole. If you don’t have time to […]

There’s a New Tool in Town

29 Jan

This is the living proof that you really should consider guest posting from time to time. A guest post from Janusz on pointed me to his link analysis tool; Link Diagnosis. This is a great FireFox plugin, that analyzes link profiles very thoroughly. Check out the post at Blogstorm for some screen shots or […]

Link Building this Week (04.2008)

25 Jan

Jim Boykin has been digging up some Google and/ or Matt Cutts quotes to outline what Google’s stance is in the paid link discussion. Not only does his post show that Reviewed and Not Guaranteed is the red line here, but he also unleashed a discussion at his own blog and at Sphinn. Gab Goldenberg […]

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