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Link Building this Week (31.2008)

1 Aug

Everybody who’s ever been building links knows how difficult and time consuming it can be. Even the most experienced link builder can have a ‘hmm-I-think-I’m-stuck’ moment. During those moments, it’s good to have articles such as Rand Fishkin’s recap of his own “Give It Up” presentation. Excellent tips to get you going again. And also: […]

Link Building this Week (30.2008)

25 Jul

Are you struggling with your link requests, PR campaign or linkbait launch? The communication part is very important, and that’s why reading a post like Dee Barizo’s email template for contacting bloggers and Bob Massa’s fontstravaganza list of link request tips are certainly worth reading. Make sure to read Eric Ward’s excellent post about the […]

Link Building this Week (29.2008)

18 Jul

Dave Eaves published the results of an excellent piece of research; he tried to determine how good the mainstream media are at linking out. It would be quite interesting to track conduct this research on a regular basis in order to see patterns. For example, I noticed a drop in outbound links from specific news […]

Link Building Strategies: Big Brand Link Building

16 Jul

Tamar Weinberg pointed to an interesting topic over at the HighRankings forums about link building for big brands. Although the thread was opened over a year ago, the discussion lit up again and the subject remains interesting. A good reason to dedicate this episode of Link Building Strategies to link building for big brands. So […]

Link Building this week (28.2008)

11 Jul

The question ‘does only the first anchor count or not’ discussion is still pretty hot. While Johannes Beus stated that only the first anchor counts (credits), Michael Martinez tried to show that at least some of the tests are bit biased. Debra Mastaler did something that apparently nobody thought about; she just asked Matt Cutts […]

The Don’t-Push-It Penalty

9 Jul

When I was playing around with my (referer) statistics a bit, I noticed that something strange was going on. After a little bit of digging, I noticed some new sort of penalty or filter. It’s not a minus 950 penalty or something like that, but more like a Till-Here-And-No-Further penalty. Earlier this year, received […]

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