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Why Over 90% of All Link Requests Fail

9 Sep

Although there are lots of different link building strategies that are way more effective, lots of people still use good old link requests to get new backlinks. This varies from sending out an occasional email to spamming the hell out of nearly anything online with some kind of link building software. The problem with link […]

Link Building this Week (36.2008)

5 Sep

In this week’s link week column over at Search Engine Land, Eric Ward explains why you shouldn’t just look at link building as an SEO tool. According to Eric, ‘Link building is one part marketing, two parts public relations, and three parts common sense’. While I don’t agree 100% with how he divided the parts, […]

Link Building Strategies: Blackhat Edition

2 Sep

Unlike with the previous Link Building Strategies posts, I’d like to start with a short disclaimer-like opening. Like the title says, this is the blackhat edition. Well, not technically blackhat, but it sure as hell isn’t a strategy that I’d use for clients. So you’re probably better off not to use this tactic for your […]

Link Building this Week (35.2008)

29 Aug

It looks like last week was the official week of in-depth content. Rae Hoffman showed how she would interview a potential new link developer, Jennifer Laycock created the four commandments of viral marketing and Loren Baker published a one hour (!) link building 101 video. So if you happen to have some spare time… For […]

Link Building and the 6 Principles of Persuasion

25 Aug

Ask ten SEOs what you have to do to get more links, and 9 will tell you to ‘build great content’. In stead of taking this answer for granted, it’s even better to ask yourself why this is true. In fact, everybody is willing to link to your website, article, page, post or whatever; you […]

Link Building this Week (34.2008)

22 Aug

You sure want to prevent having to tell your customer that his or her website isn’t linkworthy. After all, link building for crappy websites can be pretty difficult. With the right link bait inspiration, you’ll be able to create good content (such as a nice list post), but -unlike some seem to think- this doesn’t […]

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