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Link Building this Week (49.2008)

7 Dec

Compared to other weeks, it’s been very quiet, link building-wise. I only came across a few link marketing related posts that are worth mentioning, such as Julie Joyce’s post about link building in a global economy. Also, Eric Enge’s explanation of why link building is hard work is a good read. In contrast to Google, […]

Link Building Strategies: 69 Solid Tactics For 2009

2 Dec

Six and a half years ago (which is ages, in Internet years), Robin Nobles, Eric Ward, and John Alexander compiled a legendary list of 131 legitimate link building strategies. Four years later, Aaron Wall and Andy Hagans published 101 link building tips to market your website, which was inspired by the other article. Considering the […]

Link Building this Week (48.2008)

28 Nov

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, so I figure people had different things on their minds than links. How to prepare a turkey properly, for example. Nevertheless, there were still a few link building related posts worth mentioning. Barry Schwartz asks when link building companies suddenly became ‘black hat’ SEOs. While I do think there’s a […]

Link Building this Week (47.2008)

22 Nov

Google’s war on paid links seems to have effect. WeBuildPages’ shift away from buying links is a great example of this. The ‘report paid links’ form is scaring webmasters that buy (or have bought) links, because lots of paid links are easy to spot and competitors can -and often will- file a report. While there […]

Is Link Building an Indian Thing?

19 Nov

For some reason, lots of people from the search engine optimization industry have always associated link building with the country India. According to Google, all these people are right…

Link Building this Week (46.2008)

14 Nov

Eric Ward received an interesting request for proposal and devoted a post to his dilemma: is a performance-only based link building assignment on a very short term a no-win? Several people took time to chime in at Sphinn, and explained why they would (or wouldn’t) take the offer. My $0,02? If the site has no […]

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