Link Building this Month (11.2010)

1 Dec

Although link building via press releases can be very efficient, I rarely see examples of people trying to get the maximum out of their PR strategy. Either they don’t bother (and don’t do it at all), or they take the cheap and easy route, and see their press release end up at FFA PR websites […]

Link Building with Infographics

3 Nov

During the past two years or so, infographics have turned from ‘a creative, new way to build links’, to the 2010 version of a Top 10 list. It’s quite common that over 50% of the titles on Digg’s front page contains [INFOGRAPHIC] during business days. Just like with regular content, I’ve seen examples of infographic […]

Link Building this Month (10.2010)

1 Nov

The conference season has officially started. People are talking about SEO, SMM and more marketing abbreviations in nearly any medium to large-sized city in the world, which means that these people probably have less time to blog this month. I didn’t come across a whole lot of excellent articles (maybe I was too busy enjoying […]

SEO is Dead

28 Oct

Actually it really isn’t, but a headline like this always attracts lots of links and tweets from people in the industry, so I thought I’d give it a try as well. Now I’ll just sit back and watch the links pour in. When I was talking at Distilled‘s (excellent!) ProSeo event earlier this week, this […]

Link Building this Month (09.2010)

4 Oct

Although quite some verticals are still being dominated by link buyers with very deep pockets and (usually way too many) anchor text optimized links, it’s good to see and hear about more and more companies choosing for a more creative approach. And I don’t mean creative in finding new ways to buy links, but creative […]

Link Building Tools Page Updated

13 Sep

This is just a quick message to let you know that the page with link building tools has just been updated, and now includes new reviews of several very cool link building tools. Guest blogging network MyBlogGuest, link management tool BuzzStream, link building match maker Eightfold Logic Linker, AdGooroo’s Link Insight, the impressive Raven Tools […]

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