SEO Mythbusters: Busting Google indexation myths

7 Aug

There are lots of different opinions on what causes Google to index a site or page. With a test on a new test subdomain on a brand new domain, I tried to bust a couple of these myths. 1) Google indexes a website if you add a Google Analytics code. Busted! Nope. The first thing […]

Viral Marketing: 4 examples that missed the link boat (and two that didn’t)

4 Aug

Viral Marketing seems hotter than ever. Where everybody in the SEO world is talking about link bait, the traditional marketing agencies are pushing their viral skills. Almost every marketing agency has some viral experience and is profiling themselves as an expert. With lots and lots of new funny, clever and great viral campaigns every day, […] in audio: Odiogo

27 Jul

Earlier this week, I StumbledUpon Michelle MacPhearson’s blog (see, it works). On her blog, I noticed a weird plugin next to the PlugIM and Sphinn buttons. When I clicked it, I was quite impressed. There are several audio tools and plugins available for blogs, but I never came across one that was 100% understandable. The […]


26 Jul

I know this must be something like the 862nd way-too-positive post about StumbleUpon, but it really is one of my favourite websites. It rocks for serving me great, fun and relevant websites when I start stumbling. It especially rocks for bringing me lots and lots of visitors. Even though I received links from websites like […]

Personalized Google ads

20 Jul

A colleague who’s really into Google AdWords showed me a great example of personalized Google ads. In some cases, Google shows ads that are related to your previous search queries. It even works when all cookies are deleted and you aren’t signed in to your Google account or whatever. The searches must be executed in […]

Trust + keywords + link = Good ranking (or: How Matt Cutts got ranked for “Buy Cheap Viagra”)

18 Jul

Let’s say you’re targeting keywords with a high competion and with an extremely high spam density. Something like “Buy cheap viagra online”. The top 10 in Google is filled with a couple of .edu’s, a .gov and a few other domains. Looks really competitive to me. Now go out and build some Google trust. A […]

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