How to Attract Links: 4 Not So Ordinary Tactics

27 Aug

You have probably already read the articles with 5, 50, 66, 101 or even 131 strategies to attract links (if not: go read!). Some strategies (the most effective ones) are being mentioned in each of these articles. The following 4 activities are not very ordinary ways to build links, but can be at least as […]

Why you should optimize your LinkedIn profile links

24 Aug

There is enough info available about how and why to use LinkedIn and how you can add links to your profile. But why would you neglect optimizing your profile links, by leaving out the anchor text? Recently, I came across two profiles with links that didn’t have one of the standard LinkedIn anchor texts, but […]

The buying-links-discussion all over again?

22 Aug

With the “Are paid links evil” session at the San Jose SES in sight, it seems like the buying-links-discussion has started all over again during the past few weeks. Rand and Aaron both published great articles about buying links and the discussion seams to get hot again in other places -and in other languages- as […]

Danny Sullivan: new job at Vizion, or is he a scam?

17 Aug

When I was writing up a post this morning, I checked to see who used AdWords for their personal name. Besides the fact that I, strangely enough, noticed that only very few use this strategy, I came across these ads. So I guess Danny found a new job at Vizion, or is he just a […]

Monitor the demand for your personal brand

17 Aug

It has been mentioned before, online marketing is like a big popularity contest. When you enter a popularity contest (since you’re probably in to SEO, you already have), you’ll want to know your score. The score for your company and/ or website isn’t very hard to track. Just monitor your rankings, visitors, sales, subscribers or […]

And then it hit me: I’m an SEO nerd

15 Aug

Last week, a friend of mine called and told me that he finally moved into his new home. The same day, I went to visit him and check out his new place. I had to climb the stairs first, he already told me he bought the second appartment on the right on the 3rd floor. […]

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