There is no penalty for buying links!

7 Oct

There, I said it. That’s what I believe is true; there is no such thing as a ‘you have been buying links so you should suffer’ penalty. At least, not if you do it correctly. I’ll make some statements about buying links that probably not everybody will agree on, but this is what I consider […]

Link Building this week (Oct. 5)

5 Oct

I noticed two subjects got a lot of attention during the past few days. One of them is the good old paid link discussion that has been going on since, well, since like forever. Aaron Wall explains How You Can Rent a Million Links and Stay Under the Radar and even Forbes (out of all […]

Even my grandma can improve your website!

2 Oct

No seriously, she can. Your own grandmother can probably improve your website as well. Ok, she might not be able to get those 12.000 pages filled with scraped content out of supplemental hell, but she absolutely can help you improve your usability. Have you ever watched your non web savvy friend, colleague or relative searching […]

Why buying links is similar to covert advertising

30 Sep

Covert advertising is a form of advertising in movies or tv-shows that doesn’t need disclosure during or near the product placement, but works under the premise that it’s a natural part of the work. Mentioning the advertiser in the credits is advisable, but not mandatory. This makes Covert Advertising -if done correctly- quite hard to […]

Link Building this week (Sept. 28)

28 Sep

The paid link debate is a discussion that probably will never end. And certainly not if you keep reading stuff like Rae Hoffman’s excellent post about how difficult it is for Google to determine which link is a paid one and which one isn’t. Jim Boykin explains why it’s unlikely that you get penalized for […]

How to explain what SEO and Link Building is to your non-geek friends

28 Sep

Warning: this is a typical Friday afternoon post. A few weeks ago, I read Rebecca’s rant about the fact that she’s not working for Google. How recognizable. When I tell people I am a Link Marketer, they immediately assume that I’m either the reason of all blog comment spam, or I’m involved in some shady […]

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