Link Building this Week (Oct. 19)

19 Oct

Compared to last week, this week was a pretty quiet week, Link Building wise. I guess the SMX (where Linkbait got covered a lot) has something to do with it. Patrick Altoft got all linky this week, by writing about Linkbait (as well) and by showing a link policy that looks like it’s from 1999. […]

When to end your Link Marketing activities

17 Oct

Several clients have asked this in the past and Vinny Goldsmith got me thinking about this subject as well, by writing about What to do when you’re already ranking #1 in SEOmoz’ UGC section; When can I end my link marketing activities? Well, you can’t pull the plug from link marketing. Ever. Link marketing is, […]

Link Building Strategies: What Kind of Car do You Drive?

16 Oct

Link Building strategies are like cars; you have cheap ones and expensive types, there are fast ones and slow examples and while some are built to run just a few miles, others have an enormous stamina. So, what kind of car do you drive? Yugo a.k.a. The Link Neglecter Cheap, old and unreliable. While a […]

Link Building this Week (Oct. 12)

12 Oct

Althought the paid link discussion was hot this week, I’m not going to link to more than one post about this subject; there’s nothing I want to add to SEL’s paidlink round-up. Eric Lander did a great post about The Necessary Evolution of Linkbait. When even Sphinn members say they’re getting tired of some linkbait […]

Word of Link Marketing: Link forward!

10 Oct

While both Justilien and the SEM INC blog already covered the eMarketer research about the Word of Mouth Marketing effects worldwide excellently, there’s still one point I’d like to mention about this subject. What if the top SERPs for “Your Company” look a bit like this: If you spot a positive consumer opinion, a review […]

6 links that look like paid ones (but really aren’t)

9 Oct

Like SugarRae pointed out a few weeks ago, it’s quite difficult for Google to find out which link is paid and which one isn’t. If you look at SugarRae’s post from the other perspective (like Google is doing with their current approach), it seems like you have to clarify which links aren’t paid in order […]

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