Big Company Internet Marketing: Why Being Small Can Be Better

28 Feb

I came across Joe Pulizzi’s blog post about Why it’s bad to be a big company (and the marketing opportunities that arise for small companies) the other day and think it’s a great subject. Especially at this time, when internet marketing still hasn’t found its way in some of the world’s major companies’ marketing strategies, […]

New Link Building/ SEO Colleague Wanted

27 Feb

Because most Americans are at the SMX right now, this must be the perfect time for me to write a post targeted at all my Dutch (and Belgian) readers. Normally I don’t geo target my blog posts, but in this case I’ll make an exception :) One of my colleagues decided it’s time to move […]

SES London 2008: A (Very) Short Recap

25 Feb

Last week, I had the chance to addend the SearchEngineStrategies in London, together with three of my colleagues. For me, it was the second time to attend a search engine conference, the SES in New York last year was my first. Unlike usually, I haven’t seen a lot of reports and recaps of the sessions […]

Link Building this Week (08.2008)

22 Feb

Paid links are good for at least a few mention worthy posts every week. While Eric Enge explains why he doesn’t buy links, Vertical Measures asks if it isn’t so that every link is a paid one. Combine this with Patrick Altoft’s post about buying links in competitive industries and Darren Rowse’s discussion with a […]

Link Building this Week (07.2008)

17 Feb

In a lot of online marketing strategies, link marketing is one of the smaller posts. Stuff like PPC and Banner ads usually takes most of every online marketing budget. If you take a look at Marketing Sherpa’s Annual Ad:tech Survey, you’ll see that this shouldn’t be the case. Link building is, like LinkWorth states, one […]

SES London

14 Feb

I’ll be heading at the SES in London next week, so if you happen to be there as well and if you’re also interested in drinking a beer, feel free to drop me a comment or an email. Oh, and if you’re interested in drinking several beers, you certainly should drop me a note ;)

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