Counting Isn’t as Easy as 1-2-3 for IE8

18 Apr

Apparently, the beta version of Internet Explorer 8 has difficulties counting. Every page on social media website Sphinn has a numbered list of the ten most Sphunn upcoming news items. This feature of the internet marketing news portal looks perfectly normal if you use Firefox (or any other version of IE), but the latest Beta […]

Building Link Targeted Content That Works: Step 1 of 3 – Researching for Inspiration & Brainstorming for Ideas

16 Apr

There’s no doubt that creating a valuable piece of content is a great way -and maybe even the best way- to attract links. However, when I mention link baiting (or link targeted content), I often get reactions like ‘it sounds nice, but link baiting probably isn’t the way to go for me’, or that ‘building […]

Link Building this Week (15.2008)

11 Apr

Sometimes it looks like every blogpost I run into has something to do with link building, while during other weeks it’s hard to find good link building related stuff. This week is just one of those low-on-links-weeks, so it seems (if I missed you or something interesting, please let me know!). I guess everybody’s busy […]

Link Building this Week (14.2008)

4 Apr

Earlier this week, Eric Ward wrote a column on SearchEngineLand about link building best practices. This post got submitted to Sphinn and, for some reason, resulted in quite a few comments. While I do think that there are better posts out there than this week’s column, I also think that there’s waaaay more mediocre stuff […]

9 Reasons Why Automated Link Software Sucks

2 Apr

Just recently, someone asked me what automated link software I would recommend. When I asked him if he meant useful tools like Link Diagnosis, he made clear that he actually was looking for software that sends out a bucket load of unsolicited link request emails with the speed of sound to use for his main […]

Link Building this Week (13.2008)

28 Mar

Although there’s a lot link building related information available, high quality 101 posts with decent tips are for some reason pretty hard to find. This is one of the reasons why I find Adam Audette’s post about the fundamentals of link building is certainly worth mentioning. It provides useful information and tips and is a […]

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