Link Building this Week (19.2008)

9 May

Planning is a skill that every marketer should have, but only a few are actually good at this. I certainly am not, but Debra Mastaler apparently sure is. How on earth can you work on a new design, write three excellent posts (Is traffic the new Pagerank? No!, It’s hip to be link square and […]

Building Link Targeted Content That Works: Step 2 of 3 – Creating Content & Preparation

7 May

This is the second part of a three posts counting guide to building link targeted content. Part one was titled Researching for Inspiration & Brainstorming for Ideas. The first part of this series was a selection of tips on how to use your surroundings to come up with interesting ideas that can lead to great […]

Link Building this Week (18.2008)

2 May

I’m pretty sure that I’ve never seen ‘David Hasselhoff’ and ‘how to get more links’ in the same blog post, but Debra managed to do this. While that (and the examples she lists) may may sound funny, Debra’s main point –“the hardest part of my job is telling someone you won’t be able to secure […]

Link Building this Week (17.2008)

26 Apr

Brian Turner published a few great posts during the past few weeks at, including one titled ‘Google was a links-driven search engine‘. This post not only shows a bit of Google’s history (and how links were -and still are- Google’s Achilles heel), but also shows Brian’s view on the future. And also: Roger Montti […]

Link Building Job Interview? Here’s 5 Questions to Ask

21 Apr

I’ve seen several SEO job interview related posts pass by, but I haven’t seen a link building related one yet. If you’re looking for a somewhat experienced link builder (I’m not talking about hiring a newbie that you’ll be training intensively here), there are a few questions I’d suggest asking your candidate. 1. What is […]

Link Building this Week (16.2008)

18 Apr

The discussion about relevant and/ or irrelevant linkbaiting got fired up again last week thanks to Matt Inman’s post at SEOmoz about his JustSayHi widgetbaits. Google’s current stance in this situation (In Matthew’s words “adding a keyword-rich link from a widget to our own site was an ultra-mega-Google-NO-NO”) is just hilarious and I’m not the […]

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