Link Building and the 6 Principles of Persuasion

25 Aug

Ask ten SEOs what you have to do to get more links, and 9 will tell you to ‘build great content’. In stead of taking this answer for granted, it’s even better to ask yourself why this is true. In fact, everybody is willing to link to your website, article, page, post or whatever; you […]

Link Building this Week (34.2008)

22 Aug

You sure want to prevent having to tell your customer that his or her website isn’t linkworthy. After all, link building for crappy websites can be pretty difficult. With the right link bait inspiration, you’ll be able to create good content (such as a nice list post), but -unlike some seem to think- this doesn’t […]

The Mother of All Linkbaits

18 Aug

A linkbait doesn’t need thousands of links to be successful, a few dozen high quality links can be more than enough. Of course, a mix of quantity and quality would be the ideal situation, but that’s pretty hard to accomplish. Today, an article in a newspaper pointed out a piece of research that -although it […]

Link Building this Week (33.2008)

15 Aug

Sorry, short post this week :) Tom Critchlow mentions a link building technique that is easy to use AND can be very effective Matt McGee shows what a small link building push can accomplish Micheal Gray teached advanced link building and explained why PageRank will never die Eric Sopp lists three reasons why links from […] Redesign

14 Aug

When I started this blog little over a year ago, I set only little expectations. No specific targets but having fun writing about SEO and link building and improving my (English) writing skills. Although my writing skills remain far from perfect (I’d give myself a “that’ll do”), they certainly have improved and I’m still having […]

Link Building this Week (32.2008)

8 Aug

Thomas Schmitz made an interesting list of everything you wanted to know about inbound and external links. He not only explains why links (and which links) are important, but he also threw in a few nice examples that turned his post into a solid introduction to links. And also: Pete Wailes compiled the ultimate guide […]

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