Yahoo! Site Explorer

Tool name: Yahoo! Site Explorer
Company behind the tool: Yahoo!
Type of tool: Link index
Costs: Free! Discontinued
Description: Site Explorer is a tool that lets you access the information Yahoo! has about a site’s online presence.

About the tool

Yahoo! provides insight in what they know about your website in Site Explorer. You can see how many of your pages have been indexed by this search engine, or how many links Yahoo! believes your website has attracted. These links are believed to be presented in order of importance, according to Yahoo!.

Site Explorer, which is probably the most used link data tool, offers a few filtering options, including filtering out links from your own website. However, even with these filter options and the export-to-csv option, it’s hard to get the data you want. Especially with larger websites with several sitewides, both the raw link numbers and the first 1,000 results don’t include all the info you need.


My Opinion

Although Yahoo! is, next to Google Webmaster Tools, the only opportunity to get somewhat reliable information directly from search engines, the tool is relatively limited. The data is nice, but the lack of filter options makes Yahoo! mainly interesting to spot a few high profile links of your competitors.

Rating: 0/100 (discontinued)
Pros: Free
Export to csv
Cons: Limited data available (max. 1000 results per URL)
Filtering is difficult

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